Tupton Buffet Club


Formerly known as Tupton Film Club

Our Aim: To put on an evening’s entertainment, approximately once a month, for the people of Tupton and surrounding area. This will be a social event centered on a buffet and showing a free film.

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The Tupton Buffet Club meets at St. John's Church, Tupton.

Tupton Buffet Club came out of Tupton Film Club. Due to the licensing of films we cannot advertise (even by printing a list of films!) or charge for showing a film without paying an individual license which is expensive. So we have decided to provide by subscription a buffet and show a film for free.

The films have been chosen by members of the Buffet Club and you will be able to see a list of them and the dates they will be shown on the night. If you would like to know the films you can phone the Chairman, Colin Morton on the number at the foot of this page.


7pm Wednesday 5 September 2018

7pm Wednesday 3 October 2018

7pm Wednesday 7 November 2018

7pm Wednesday 5 December 2018

7pm Wednesday 2 January 2019

7pm Wednesday 6 February 2019

7pm Wednesday 6 March 2019

7pm Wednesday 3 April 2019

7pm Wednesday 1 May 2019 - AGM




Adopted in May 2018

NAME: The Community Group shall be known as THE TUPTON BUFFET CLUB, referred to as The Buffet Club or TBC.

AIMS & OBJECTIVES: The objectives of TBC are To put on an evening’s entertainment, approximately once a month, for the people of Tupton and surrounding area. This will be a social event centered on a buffet and showing a free film. To provide a comfortable occasion where local people can meet in a sociable, non-threatening environment, make new friendships and so be able to develop more social networks within the village.

POWERS: The Club shall have the following powers to:-

• Raise funds and apply for, invite, obtain, collect and receive contributions by way of subscriptions & otherwise.

• Employ any paid worker to assist in the attainment of the objectives of the club.

• Rent or own property and equipment necessary to achieve the aims and objectives.

• Do all such lawful things as shall further the attainment of the objectives.

• Make alterations to the Constitution to further the aims and objectives of the club.


• Membership shall be open to anyone over the age of 16 years, resident in Tupton and the surrounding area. This will be on payment of the current subscription and at the discretion of the committee.

• The subscription price will be dictated by the total cost of running the season’s meetings divided by the number of members. This fee will be decided by the committee and presented to the AGM prior to the following season.

• Members can join at any time and will be charged on a pro rata basis.

• All members may attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting and shall be eligible for election to the committee.

• The committee may terminate the membership of any member bringing the club into disrepute. The member concerned has the right to be heard before a final decision is made.


• The business of TBC shall be managed by a Committee of at least 3 members and no more than 7. The Committee shall consist of a Chair, a Treasurer, a Secretary and such other Officers as may, from time to time, be appointed.

• The Committee shall be elected at the Annual General.

• The quorum for a Committee meeting shall be 3 and there shall be at least 2 meetings per year.

• TBC shall hold a General Meeting at least once a year. A Special General Meeting may be called at any time by the Committee or upon written request being made of the Committee signed by at least 10 members.

• No Members or Committee Members shall receive payment directly or indirectly for their services or for anything other than legitimate expenses incurred in work for TBC.

• TBC shall be non-profit making.

• Accounts shall be produced annually.

• TBC shall not be wound up except by a resolution of 75% of those present at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose. In the event of a winding up, the remaining funds of TBC shall not be distributed among Members but be passed to St. John’s Church, Tupton.

We meet on the first Wednesday of each month (Sep - May).

Contact: Colin Morton, Chairman (01246) 861888

Held at St. John's Church, Queen Victoria Road, Tupton, Chesterfield, S42 6ED

Copyright 2018. Tupton Buffet Club.  All Rights Resvered.


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